Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hawks have such a crybaby cry!

Do I sound like that to You, Lord?

People or birds – we all have needs
we hope You’ve heard.

In the woods around our house,
eagles soar and tiny wrens sing
as loud as a choir, practicing
individual parts of worship,
not only for a Sunday hour
but whenever the spirit moves.

A mourning dove coos, and
on our little lake, snakebirds
lift their wings to dry in the sun
You provide, while squirrels hide
in high tree homes with tiny cries
as some threat comes. But hawks

anticipate the wren, the dove, the
squirrel for meals, wheeling high
above woods and lake and my
home where all have needs
we know You hear as You gaze
on us in love. We give You praise.

by Mary Harwell Sayler, © 2016